Download Bitcoin Blockchain [bootstrap.dat]

Download Bitcoin Blockchain [bootstrap.dat]

Bootstrap Bitcoin

Even using a fast computer with high-speed connecting to the Internet it may take days to Bootstrap the Bitcoin Blockchain. The first-time synchronization may seem to take an endless amount of time.

You don’t like to wait? Download the latest bootstrap.dat file, a serialized highly compressed version of the blockchain, to speed up the initialization process.

Instead of loading and verifying each block from the peer-to-peer network, your Bitcoin client can load all this information from a single bootstrap.dat file. After the process has been completed, your Bitcoin client is only loading the remaining blocks using the peer-to-peer network. This helps you to get ready much faster in many usage scenarios.

What’s new

The compression format has been updated to xz which allows the decompression of the bootstrap.dat file while downloading it. If you are an expert you can use system pipes to inject the highly compressed serialized Bitcoin blockchain bootstrap.dat to the Bitcoin initial blockchain load up process.

Importing bootstrap.dat further allows deploying containers with Docker or Kubernetes more fasten and secure using fewer resources because you do not have to fully sync each running instance.

In effect, this means that you get an amazing deployment speed of new Bitcoin nodes. I kindly invite you to share your results…

Download Bitcoin Blockchain

To download this file please donate whatever amount is suitable for you. After donation, you are redirected to your download page.

Make a donation to download bootstrap.dat.xz

--- block info ---
block count: 677647
block  date: 2021-04-03 18:09:30
block  time: 1617473370
block  hash: 0000000000000000000b1efa0ae5111510cf122b5e9d99fc4c87f6745e1e9619
--- signatures ---
SHA256(bootstrap.dat)= 054f30b225b42bf57f7951b1cf227e3a67ba20fdd81ebc55af566698f064d140
SHA256(bootstrap.dat.xz)= 01823a5d46c39e6954840d624c79f88d0095c97d910ecb345c019971f53146db


This download file has about 227 GB size; decompression needs some additional 290 GB. Importing this file needs another ~350 GB. Take care of having enough free disk space available for this task!


To get things running smoothly keep the Bitcoin Core application closed and follow these steps after having installed the application successfully on your computer system.

Download the latest bootstrap.dat.xz file and uncompress (7-Zip or XZ Utils) the included bootstrap.dat file into your Bitcoin Core application folder:

  • Unix/Linux: ~/.bitcoin
  • MAC OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/
  • Windows: [User Directory]\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin (i.e. C:Users\MyUsername\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin)

Open your Bitcoin Core application and wait until it has “imported the blocks from disk…”. The remaining blocks until “now” will be synchronized via the peer to peer network afterward.


Feedback on success is welcome 🙂


Hosting this ultra-large file offering a secure, encrypted option to speed-download the latest bootstrap.dat is impossible for me without donations.

To download this file please donate whatever amount is suitable for you.
Recommended donation 5.55$, minimum donation 1$ (depending on the credit card transaction fees).

After donation you are redirected to your individual download page.


or Download with PayPal

or Download with Bitcoin
Bitcoin Accepted here

If you are unable to donate for whatever reason, please leave a comment below…

Hint: Please consider donating a reasonable amount higher than your credit card transaction fee. Otherwise, your donation will be blocked from your credit card issuer, because the donation amount has to be higher than your minimum credit card transaction fee which is typically higher than you expect.

Thank you for your support.

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515 thoughts on “Download Bitcoin Blockchain [bootstrap.dat]

  1. Florian

    Thanks for your Upload, but the date doesnt seems correct. I downloaded your bootstrap.dat and imported it into my bicoin-qt, but i still need to synchronize 38 weeks with the network :-/

    1. flo Post author

      Florian, are you sure you’ve completely downloaded the latest bootstrap file from 2015-06-23? Did you check the md5 sum of the file after downloading? Take care that you need plenty of free disk space for downloading the file, decompressing and importing the full bootstrap into Bitcoin-Qt.

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    1. flo Post author

      Hi Alex,

      on my first test run I had the same problem using the OS included tools. Guess the problem is related to the very large file size. I was able to decompress the file successfully using the free tool 7-zip however. Can you please retry if this works for you, too?

    1. flo Post author

      Please retry another (free) tool like 7-zip if you’re running OS X. I can confirm that trying to unpack the file using OS X generates an error. Maybe that’s an OS X bug trying to uncompress zip files with more than 32 GB size.
      It works flawless using the free tool 7-zip to uncompress the file on OS X.

  3. Kursion

    Hi dude,

    thanks for that sharing. However, It’s pretty slow to download your ZIP. It would be much better to have a torrent version of it.

    Best regards.

    1. flo Post author

      Hey Kursion,

      thanks for your feedback. You’re welcome to publish the file via Torrent after download.

      At the moment I’m creating the bootstrap.dat file out of my current Bitcoin-Qt blockchain from time to time manually on my notebook and upload it to my webpage – usually after a user has transferred a donation for this service as a kind reminder for me 😉
      This website has quite some reasonable access speed, so you should be able to download this file with a fast speed if your Internet access has no access restriction and if your Internet provider has good and stable international uplinks.

      In case someone is (or you all together are) willing to place a large donation (~8-12 BTC) I’m willing to setup a dedicated virtual machine which will be creating a current bootstrap.dat copy of the full Bitcoin blockchain file once a day (or once a week) automatically using a cronjob. On a dedicated machine I can also add an additional download option using Torrent in case this feature is requested.

      As the full blockchain has a significant size already, this may be a pleasure for all Bitcoin users out there which rely on the full blockchain information.

  4. Reinhard Goelz

    I was at 80 percent and you have suddenly deleted the bootstrap.dat zip-file – what a pity !!!
    When will the current one be ready?

    1. flo Post author

      Due to size restrictions, my wordpress webspace currently only supports saving one complete version of the blockchain.dat (zip file) for download. Please wait a few hours until my client has uploaded the new blockchain containing all blocks up to #387755 (10. Dec. 2015) successfully.

      Keep in mind that this service consumes massive bandwidth. Please donate if you can to support this service staying free of charge for every Internet user!

    2. flo Post author

      the new bootstrap blockchain file containing all blocks up to #387755 (10. Dec. 2015) is ready for download.

  5. Kilstag

    Unable to extract with 7-zip(x64). Please can you tell the compressor you use for compressing so I can use the same to extract.

    Thank You

    1. flo Post author

      have you checked the md5 sum of your local file after download?
      I’m also using 7zip but I’ve used the basic deflate compression algorithm to ensure maximum compatibility. What’s your error error message trying to decompress this heavy file?

  6. Vince

    Hey guys,

    Doesn’t seem to Work for me.
    What am I doing wrong…?
    Its decompressed and in the right folder.
    Recent size is 52.47gig.
    Still Bitcoin Qt needs to synchronize 2 years and 37 weeks…

    1. flo Post author

      Hey Vince,
      what version of Bitcoin-Qt and what OS are you using?
      Did you take care that your data directory is empty except your wallet.dat and the bootstrap.dat downloaded?

  7. Warren Bird

    Donated twice now from two different browsers. Just times out. No download provided. Any chance you could send me a link.

  8. Ali

    Is this the pruned chain or the full chain?

    I attempted to load the chain using Bitcoin J. When I tried getting the transactions of block # 2 ( it only returned the first transaction ( 0e3e2357e806b6cdb1f70b54c3a3a17b6714ee1f0e68bebb44a74b1efd512098 ) but no other txns.

    Is it because the chain is pruned or because of a bug / issue in BitcoinJ? I’m assuming the former, but would like a confirmation.

    1. flo Post author

      It’s the full block chain of course.
      Did you get any error (or debug) message while Bitcoin J reads the bootstrap.dat file?

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Mike,

      I did not receive any donation, today.
      But hey – don’t worry. It’s christmas time. I’ve send you an email with the download link.

  9. Jonathan

    I just donated, but then got redirected to a HTTP 500 error page.

    It would be much appreciated if you could send me a download link.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      I did not receive any donations the last four days. Maybe the payment api is broken. Which error message did you get from which server trying to place “any” donation?

      Thx. for your feedback.

    1. flo Post author


      do you have the date of your donation on your fingertips?
      I did not receive any donation around 1-26. After any donation you should be automatically redirected to the download page with the correct URL.

    1. flo Post author

      I’m currently preparing a new blockchain download file with a bitcoin payment option. Please hold on a few days, please 🙂

  10. Private Concerned Citizen

    Dude it would be sweet if you could let loose that Nov blockchain via torrent and link it here…

          1. Private Concerned Citizen

            Sorry, I forgot a word…

            I don’t have the torrent or any magnet links to it, hence the request.

            It would be sweet if you could link it here!

  11. Dominique

    Hey flo,

    Just made a donation of $3, but when I click on the download link it says the server can’t be reached, hoping this is just temporary.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Dominique,

      yes – you are right. Thank’s for the hint. I’m sorry for the outage.
      Seems that since a few days the ceph storage of the vps went down multiple times :-/

      Can you please retry to download the file? Sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. Dominique

        Hey again Flo,

        Thanks for the reply. Just tried, afraid it isn’t working still. The error I get in chrome is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

        1. flo Post author

          Hi Dominique,

          did you receive my email with the new download page link?
          Otherwise you are welcome to proceed downloading the old November file. Once more I had to restart the webhosting service hosting the November file.

          1. Dominique

            Yes, I got it, went into spam, but found it. Links seem to be working now. Thanks a lot 🙂

  12. ?

    Is there a way to get the blockclain without paying? I can’t donate bitcoin without access to my bitcoin wallet.

    1. flo Post author

      sorry, due to hosting costs providing this ultra large file download does not work without donations. Saving download time and transfer resources on your side may be worth it 🙂

    1. flo Post author

      Hey John,
      I did not receive any donation from your contact. Can you please share your error message or maybe a screenshot why it fails for you?

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Kettan,
      Can you please share your error message or a screenshot? I did not receive a donation from your contact.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Bastian,

      cc payment is using an external stripe payment interface. Do you have JavaScript disabled? Can you please share a screenshot for debugging?

  13. Black


    Thanks for providing blockchain bootstrap.
    I Donated ~5 EUR with bitcoin, got the download page and started downloading. Unfortunately it was a bit slow (Didn’t want to climb above 2.0 MB/s. Quite fast normally, but for ~60GB file, and for 5 EUR, I’d expect it a bit speedier, since I’m spoiled by usually getting 5-8 MB/s 😉 but no big deal ), got to a bit over half-way, and I think my computer went to sleep. Unfortunately, I can no longer access the download to restart/resume — even if I use the url suffix “#someID” that I was redirected, I still get the page that I haven’t donated. Is it possible to receive a new link? Let me know in email if you need any other details.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Black,

      thanks for your feedback. Don’t worry. I’ve send you an email. You can download or resume the file whenever you want.
      Did you use the Bitcoin api for donation? With about 45ms packet roundtime the Download should run much faster than 2.0 MB/s for you. What’s the Internet speed you pay for?

  14. Xander

    I have a problem since 2017-02-26 with this error from debug.log
    2017-03-01 03:55:08 UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000001b56d9d3018138b85de2ffc0549de1d5f1477253dfcdcc height=454894 version=0x20000000 log2_work=86.043886 tx=200053309 date=’2017-02-26 22:37:23′ progress=0.999221 cache=5.6MiB(11431tx)
    2017-03-01 03:55:12 UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000015b8693a5e5029e0b9cacc2e84040625d0bdc934bd85179 height=454895 version=0x20000002 log2_work=86.04392 tx=200055921 date=’2017-02-26 22:50:48′ progress=0.999224 cache=9.5MiB(16624tx)
    2017-03-01 03:55:15 UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000014e66c022fef1c4e5f580fb4572bcfe74e3004cf505f0c7 height=454896 version=0x20000000 log2_work=86.043954 tx=200057903 date=’2017-02-26 22:54:50′ progress=0.999225 cache=15.1MiB(21703tx)
    2017-03-01 03:55:17 UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000010f59273f331944c3a77e616f63825f1cd09206dbf504cd height=454897 version=0x20000000 log2_work=86.043989 tx=200058822 date=’2017-02-26 22:55:56′ progress=0.999225 cache=26.5MiB(24218tx)
    2017-03-01 03:55:20 UpdateTip: new best=000000000000000000a8d87992c91d7c820615ac9d290d0446f8b085d4ebc4b6 height=454898 version=0x30000000 log2_work=86.044023 tx=200060859 date=’2017-02-26 23:07:33′ progress=0.999228 cache=30.6MiB(28297tx)
    2017-03-01 03:55:23 UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000012c6b7703d2d27507a9ef369790a251e8a67336705ea15b height=454899 version=0x20000000 log2_work=86.044057 tx=200061495 date=’2017-02-26 23:09:17′ progress=0.999228 cache=52.3MiB(30669tx)
    2017-03-01 03:55:26 InvalidChainFound: invalid block=000000000000000000c27a66742c2d20d728f6735177fcdb0b4e6e562c85db0f height=454900 log2_work=86.044091 date=2017-02-26 23:13:40
    2017-03-01 03:55:26 InvalidChainFound: current best=0000000000000000012c6b7703d2d27507a9ef369790a251e8a67336705ea15b height=454899 log2_work=86.044057 date=2017-02-26 23:09:17
    2017-03-01 03:55:26 ERROR: ConnectTip(): ConnectBlock 000000000000000000c27a66742c2d20d728f6735177fcdb0b4e6e562c85db0f failed
    2017-03-01 03:55:26 InvalidChainFound: invalid block=000000000000000000c27a66742c2d20d728f6735177fcdb0b4e6e562c85db0f height=454900 log2_work=86.044091 date=2017-02-26 23:13:40
    2017-03-01 03:55:26 InvalidChainFound: current best=0000000000000000012c6b7703d2d27507a9ef369790a251e8a67336705ea15b height=454899 log2_work=86.044057 date=2017-02-26 23:09:17

    Can you send to me archive instead of bootstrap.dat? I need archive with folders CHAINSTATE, INDEX and files blk00784.dat-blk00789.dat and rev00784.dat-rev00789.dat (or newer). It will be 2-5 GB instead of 60+ GB

    1. flo Post author

      I’m already using Bitcoin Core v0.14.0rc3.
      /chainstate/ now contains (dot)ldb files.
      blk?????.dat and rev?????.dat files are content of /blocks/.
      If you think it helps I can share an archive containing the files blk00784.dat-blk00789.dat and rev00784.dat-rev00789.dat (or newer).
      Your Bitcoin Core client should verify the blocks on import and create the chainstate files itself. At least it does using the bootstrap.dat file…

  15. Xander

    I can install Bitcoin Core v0.14.0rc3. Successful synchronization is enough for me the last 6 (I hope) blocks (blk00784.dat-blk00789.dat and rev00784.dat-rev00789.dat) plus all data from folders CHAINSTATE and INDEX. If you can then share this for me. I will be happy.

    1. flo Post author


      I’ve uploaded you the files desired:

    2. …obsolete…
    3. …obsolete…
    4. Please give me a small hint if it worked for you.

  16. Javier

    What you are doing is awesome. My core wallet shows me months to finish download! I can´t donate because I dont have a CC and, well, my btc are in a wallet that needs the blochckain. I accidentally deleted it while switching laptops not knowing how long it would take to re download 🙁
    Do you plan to update the file anytime soon?
    Could I donate after downloading the file and unlocking my btc? boy scout word!
    And also, is it possible to download the file in different intervals? (e.g. only during the night)

  17. Kashi


    Thanks for your work, mate, very appreciated, but I’m confused. I’ve downloaded the blockchain recently, I want to do it again and… I can’t? My download hangs every time I retry.

    There is something wrong with the download server? Or I’m just missing something?

    Of course, I made a donation the first time.

    Thanks for answering!

    1. flo Post author

      Hey Kashi,
      thanks for your donation. Of course you can download the blockchain again whenever you like. I’ve send you an email with the details.

  18. Mark

    Hi flo,

    I donated via CC but there is only a blank page afterwards. Maybe you can send me a link over E-Mail.

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Mark,

      can you please share some details about your donation? I did not receive any donation on 03/12. Did you try paying with CC or BTC?

  19. internationalchatters

    Hey dude,
    I cant donate unfortunately due to my country 🙁 , can u send me the link to my email?

    1. flo Post author

      can you share some details why you are unable to place a payment from your country and about your setup to combat censorship?

  20. flo Post author


    I’ve received an unrecognised bitcoin donation today. If you failed to download the blockchain with that payment please leave me a note here with your exact btc payment amount.

    If it matches I’m going to contact you via e-mail to resolve this issue.

    1. flo Post author

      Thanks for the hint and sorry for the inconvenience.
      I’ve received your donation and send you an email with the download link.

      What browser and (security related) plugins are you using?
      Do you have the URL of the blank page?

  21. Hartmut

    Hello, the archive is broken. Have 2 times tried it with 7 zip to unzip. Come 2 errors.
    Best regards

    Windows 7

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Hartmut,

      can you please check if the the signature of your downloaded file matches the signature of the download page?
      What version of 7zip are you using on Windows 7?
      How much free disk space do you have available on your system (and disk)?

    2. flo Post author

      I’ve just downloaded und extracted bootstrap.dat.20170120.7z on a new vps. It works like a charm with max vps io speed.
      Please cross-check the signature of the downloaded file.

  22. Hartmut

    Hello Flo, I downloaded the bootstrap.dat.20170120.7z yesterday about your site and unpacked with 7 zip version 16.04. Unfortunately always 2 errors. Sorry for my english. Google translator

    1. flo Post author

      as far as I know the Bitcoin blockchain contains signatures of known viruses:

    2. reddit: someone put a virus signature in the bitcoin/
    3. Heise: Virenscanner warnt vor Bitcoin Blockchain
    4. Is it possible that your antivirus engine is blocking the download or unpacking of the downloaded file?
      What error message do you get trying to unpack the 7 zip archive?

      I’m currently working on providing an updated serialized blockchain allowing to unpack the compressed bootstrap.dat-file while downloading it.
      I’ll let you know on this page as soon as it is available for download.

  23. João Lampreia

    I made a small donation just to confirm that I could get the link and the page went blank. Can you send the link by mail? Thank you!

  24. Gary

    Donated, but did not get a link to the file. Page is blank after donation.

    Please send link to my e-mail. Thanks!

    1. flo Post author

      Hey Gary,

      thanks for your hint!

      Based on your feedback I have modified the download URL after payment. Now it does no longer contain the word bitcoin.

      Hopefully this step helps all of you living in countries with restrictive internet access.

      Please let me know if you are now able to downloading this mega file – or – if you like me to refund your cc donation.

  25. Gary

    Hi, i can download now, will download it from server, still need hours..Please don’t delete the file for now. Thanks!

    1. flo Post author

      Hi bogdan,
      thanks for your feedback. When did you donate 0.6$? I have not received a donation of this amount yet, today.
      After donation you should be auto-redirected to the download page. Did you get any error message after payment?

    1. flo Post author

      It seems to me that your credit card donation failed. Maybe a security related issue.
      I’ve send you an email.

  26. Mafus

    hi, again.

    I’ve downloaded the Zip file, extracted it with 7Zip to a portable harddisk, where the bitcoin core foler is, I’ve tried it in the blocks folder and the core folder but neither works and it continues to show that it has to sync the all the blocks.

  27. Mafus

    My bad the sync last about 10-15 seconds then the window dissapears and shows that all is synced, still dont understand why it start with this sync and from the beginning of it.

  28. Mafus

    But now ne more time that I close and open Bitcoin Core it starts to sync from the beginning…I’ve got to wait several minutes and it shows that it is synced…is that normal

    1. flo Post author

      Bitcoin Core should load/import the bootstrap.dat file once and after this step completes it should be renamed automatically by Bitcoin Core.

  29. D Barrett

    Since this file is so large, can you make it available for FTP download or something? I have a pretty robust internet connection and it’s still saying 12 hours to download. Seems like FTP or torrent would be more efficient.

  30. Johannes

    Hi Flo,

    I donated two times today (2017-07-14) by CC, but redirect link failed:
    – Firefox: empty page
    – Chrome: error 500

    Please reply to me by e-mail directly.


    1. flo Post author

      Hi Johannes,
      I’ve updated the blockchain and the cc payment plugin two days ago.
      Can you retry if it works, now?

  31. flo Post author

    Hey guys,
    I have received an unrecognized bitcoin donation a few minutes ago.
    Please contact me or reply to this thread if you are the unknown user who made the donation.
    Thank you!

  32. fireinthehole

    paid with bitcoin but didn’t show me for 2 hours that the transaction has been finished. it just stays and says Awaiting payment from you….and rotating from 2 hours..

    1. flo Post author

      confirmed. I’ve send you an email with the download details.

      Anyone donating BTC: Please take care and donate the exact BTC amount only, otherwise the plugin fails to auto-confirm the transaction.

        1. flo Post author

          I’ve just resent the email one more time. Please also check your spam folder. Maybe the email is filtered because it is containing a link.

          1. fireinthehole

            Hi again , it downloaded 53Gb and stopped downloading, did you cut it off somehow or is the actual size of the file 53Gb?

            thank you for your time!

          2. fireinthehole

            Ive started to download the file once more, hopefully it works out.

            Letting u know if u wonder who it is

  33. BeC

    I am new to cryptocurrency and do not have the available funds to donate, will donate once I am able. thank you for providing bootstrap.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Blocco,
      as a newbie Bitcoin user (with no funds) I recommend you to download and start the wallet application of your choice and to let the application load the needed blockchain data directly from the p2p network. It’s free and it is the recommended way to get your installation ready for the majority of usage scenarios.

      This serialized and highly compressed bootstrap.dat.xz download is recommended for professional use to speed up the initialization process (and to lower the bandwidth and ressource demands) in some usage scenarios. The donations are used to cap the hosting costs needed to be able to prepare and offer such a huge file for direct download.

      What’s your planned setup or usage scenario?

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Renny,
      check your email. Donate any amount only works using CC.
      Using BTC, please take care and donate the exact BTC amount only. Otherwise the BTC plugin fails to auto-confirm the transaction.
      In general: If you like to donate a higher amount please split your donation into two transactions; one with the exact amount and another with the additional value.

  34. Boggd

    it would be counterproductive to do this manually…. as counterproductive as the web scraper I tried today on a website.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Boggd,
      I’m not used to web scraper so I’m unable to evaluate this product.
      For sure a highly compressed, serialized bootstrap.dat file is useful in some scenarious.
      It helps you to save bandwidth, because you only need to download about half of the size compared to the uncompressed blockchain download from the p2p network. And it needs less computing ressources on import because the blocks are already serialized which also speeds up things slightly.
      If you have to deploy multiple nodes you don’t like having all nodes to download the complete blockchain which would be an enormous waste of ressources.

      1. Jeff B.

        The import of this bootstrap.dat speeds up deployment time incredibly for me.
        I can download the file once, store it on a fast external media and use it to deploy multiple installations with insane speed. Even those suffering poor Internet access.
        Thanks offering this service!!!

  35. fireinthehole

    Hi again!

    I downloaded the 80Gb zupped file, unzipped with 7Zip and moved the file to the diretory of the Bitcoin folder.

    However it didn’t work out for several times, the Bitcoin client continues downloading and synching with the web and doesn’t find the bootstrap.

    I uninstalled the program several times as well but no success.

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. fireinthehole

      Also when I try to open bitcoin-cli.exe to write a command about the bootstrap location , the bitcoin-cli.exe shuts down itself after some seonds.

  36. fireinthehole

    okok found the AppData folder and thigns are wrking out, but since i’m really a noob with computers , I would be extremely thankful if you can write some detailed description of the process for all noobs out there who wonder how it works

    1. flo Post author

      Thanks for your great feedback.
      Would it have helped if I provide example installation instructions using video (i.e. on YouTube)?
      Or do you prefer screenshots of the installations steps?

  37. Linda Almond

    Awesome service!
    Perfect date to split up my wallet funds easily into Bitcoin and BitcoinCash.
    Thank you!!

  38. Dirk

    Well, bad luck for me. First attempt the download aborted after 4 hours, file size 73 GB. Second attempt aborted very quickly, file size 2 GB. Third attempt now running. Pray for me!


      1. flo Post author

        Hi Dirk,
        what OS and Browser are you using? If your Internet works connection fine, the download should run without any issues.
        Can you try to download the file using a multithread download manager, like DownThemAll! [Firefox Addon] for Firefox?

        1. Dirk

          Hi Flo,

          Thanks for responding. I’m using W10 and Chrome. Fourth attempt now running and 35 GB downloaded. I have Firefox but if I copy the URL from the downloadpage in Chrome I’m getting the message that I have to pay (again). What should I do?


          1. flo Post author

            Hey Dirk,
            don’t worry: I’ve send you an e-mail with a direct link in case you have to use another browser.

    1. flo Post author

      Hey Tlo,
      minimum CC gateway fees are around 0.6$. That’s why any donation below fails.
      In order not to feed the CC companies only please tip a reasonable donation if you can. Thx.

    1. flo Post author

      did you check the signature after download?
      What OS are you using? On Windows please use 7zip for decompression, on Mac OS X I recommend using KeKa.

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Albert,
      do you mean the “Cookie error” malfunction of the GoUrl Bitcoin payment api during the last days?
      No this is not normal and has been fixed, today.

      Just in case: Please drop me a line in case you hit any error on this web page. 🙂

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Rod,
      thanks for your hint. I had to reinitilize the hosting service hosting the file and now it’s back up running.
      Sorry for the inconvenience

    1. flo Post author

      Ack. I’ve received an email from GoUrl about an unregognised payment (slightly overpaid).
      I’ve send you an email.

  39. sz9

    I changed my mind. If you send me a download link, please send bootstrap before Bitcoin Cash netsplit instead of current bootsrap. Thank you.

  40. Cotton Tail

    question. I installed bitcoin core on external lacie hard drive. so to install the bootstrap I’m not sure where to put it.

    you say “MAC OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/”

    but i have the app and then a separate folder with the files and folders “blocks” “chain state” “database”.

    should i just drop the bootstrap in this folder? or do I have to do other things?

    1. flo Post author

      Put the file into the folder containing the files and folders banlist.dat, bitcoin.conf, blocks (dir), chainstate (dir), …, wallet.dat and (re-)start the Bitcoin-Qt client afterwards.
      It’s possible that you have to rename (or delete) the (sub)directories blocks and chainstate prior to starting Bitcoin-Qt in order to force your Bitcoin-Qt client to reimport the blockchain information using the bootstrap.dat file.
      debug.log file should output a line “Importing bootstrap.dat…” if everything is working like it should.

  41. Dabbler

    Hi thanks for the effort. I am doing this for research purposes for now and hopefully it will lead to other things. I will donate with paypal if its successfull.

  42. mario

    1. I cleaned all the roaming directory except uncompressed bootstrap.dat
    2. Bitcoin Qt 0.14.2 doesn’t read it and starts from january 2009

    3. I re-cleaned all the roaming directory except uncompressed bootstrap.dat
    4. BitcoinABC 0.14.6 doesn’t read it and starts from january 2009

    what to do?

    1. flo Post author

      Hi mario,
      can you please share some details about your setup? like OS (version), Bitcoin installation using default values?
      Moving the uncompressed serialized bootstrap.dat into the data directory I get the following debug.log output starting Bitcoin-Qt:
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Bitcoin version v0.14.2
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 InitParameterInteraction: parameter interaction: -whitelistforcerelay=1 -> setting -whitelistrelay=1
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Assuming ancestors of block 00000000000000000013176bf8d7dfeab4e1db31dc93bc311b436e82ab226b90 have valid signatures
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Default data directory ...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using data directory ...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using config file ...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using at most 125 automatic connections (1048576 file descriptors available)
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using 32 MiB out of 32 requested for signature cache, able to store 1048576 elements
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using 2 threads for script verification
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 scheduler thread start
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 libevent: getaddrinfo: address family for nodename not supported
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Binding RPC on address :: port 8332 ...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 HTTP: creating work queue of depth 16
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Config options rpcuser and rpcpassword will soon be deprecated. Locally-run instances may remove rpcuser to use co
      okie-based auth, or may be replaced with rpcauth. Please see share/rpcuser for rpcauth auth generation.
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 HTTP: starting 4 worker threads
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using BerkeleyDB version Berkeley DB 4.8.30: (April 9, 2010)
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using wallet wallet.dat
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 init message: Verifying wallet...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 CDBEnv::Open: LogDir=.../database ErrorFile=.../db.log
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Bound to [::]:8333
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Bound to
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Cache configuration:
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 * Using 2.0MiB for block index database
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 * Using 8.0MiB for chain state database
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 * Using 440.0MiB for in-memory UTXO set (plus up to 286.1MiB of unused mempool space)
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 init message: Loading block index...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Opening LevelDB in .../index
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Opened LevelDB successfully
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using obfuscation key for .../blocks/index: 0000000000000000
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Opening LevelDB in .../chainstate
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Opened LevelDB successfully
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Wrote new obfuscate key for .../chainstate: 0de8de37f3695d56
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Using obfuscation key for .../chainstate: 0de8de37f3695d56
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 LoadBlockIndexDB: last block file = 0
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 LoadBlockIndexDB: last block file info: CBlockFileInfo(blocks=0, size=0, heights=0...0, time=1970-01-01...1970-01-
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Checking all blk files are present...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 LoadBlockIndexDB: transaction index disabled
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Initializing databases...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Pre-allocating up to position 0x1000000 in blk00000.dat
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 init message: Verifying blocks...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 block index 213ms
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 init message: Loading wallet...
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 nFileVersion = 140200
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Keys: 0 plaintext, 0 encrypted, 0 w/ metadata, 0 total
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 Performing wallet upgrade to 60000
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 keypool added key 1, size=1
      2017-08-17 22:56:34 keypool added key 2, size=2
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 keypool added key 100, size=100
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 keypool added key 101, size=101
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 keypool reserve 1
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 keypool keep 1
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 wallet 2505ms
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 setKeyPool.size() = 100
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 mapWallet.size() = 0
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 mapAddressBook.size() = 1
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 Importing bootstrap.dat...
      2017-08-17 22:56:37 UpdateTip: new best=000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f height=0 version=0x00000001 l
      og2_work=32.000022 tx=1 date='2009-01-03 18:15:05' progress=0.000000 cache=0.0MiB(0tx)

      If you did everything correct, debug.log (file) should contain the following line: Importing bootstrap.dat…


    2. Take care that the data directory does not contain any (already) loaded (older) blockchain information in case this does not work for you
    3. The bootstrap.dat file will be renamed automatically by Bitcoin-Qt after the import has been successful.
      1. mario

        ok, my debug.log file show the same Importing bootstrap.dat, but the interface shows extracting data from 3 january 2009 the same
        so my questions are:
        1. is it normal to see interface trying to extract first history blocks?
        2. how long I have to wait for the total decompression of bootstrap.dat?
        3. is it possible to do same operations for BCC with bitcoinABC wallet?

        1. flo Post author

          1. yes, it’s extracting the data of the blockchain from the bootstrap file since the first block. Moreover for security reasons it checks the block signatures taking quite some load on the cpu(s). So that’s normal.
          2. depends on your system cpu(s) and disk io performance. If you are using a Unix based OS like Linux, Mac OS X or …BSD you can use system pipes to decompress the bootstrap.dat.xz file on the fly. If you are brave you can do it even while downloading the file. That’s very neat for example if you like to push online a Bitcoin node using a cheap VPS with limited disk space (using a pruned blockchain). Awesome feature 🙂
          3. Yes, the bootstrap.dat file should also work using Bitcoin ABC. Let me know if you have any troubles.

          1. mario

            i had already decompressed bootstrap.dat.xz!
            my question was about bootstrap.dat..and if I have to start to decompressing it since 2009 and it’s slow the same, it’s the same downloading it directly by qt!
            i hoped that extraction of blocks from bootstrap.dat was immediate-faster, but the “rythm” is the same and damned slow: hours to copy/decompress and further days or weeks to update, also with the problem to free 300+Gb on the HD!
            not for me, I resign

          2. flo Post author

            Using an up to date system importing the blockchain using a bootstrap.dat file should work within some hours (instead of days).
            Does your debug.log contain the following lines?

            2017-08-17 22:56:37 Importing bootstrap.dat...
            2017-08-17 22:56:37 UpdateTip: new best=000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f height=0 version=0x00000001 l
            og2_work=32.000022 tx=1 date='2009-01-03 18:15:05' progress=0.000000 cache=0.0MiB(0tx)
            2017-08-17 22:56:43 Pre-allocating up to position 0x2000000 in blk00000.dat
            2017-08-17 22:56:43 receive version message: /Satoshi:0.14.2/: version 70015, blocks=481009, us=, peer=6
            2017-08-17 22:56:45 receive version message: /Satoshi:0.14.99/: version 70015, blocks=481009, us=, peer=7
            2017-08-17 22:56:46 Pre-allocating up to position 0x3000000 in blk00000.dat
            2017-08-17 22:56:49 Pre-allocating up to position 0x4000000 in blk00000.dat
            2017-08-17 22:56:51 Pre-allocating up to position 0x5000000 in blk00000.dat
            2017-08-18 03:11:45 Pre-allocating up to position 0x8000000 in blk00961.dat
            2017-08-18 03:11:48 Leaving block file 961: CBlockFileInfo(blocks=141, size=134201589, heights=479702...479842, time=2017-08-08...2017
            2017-08-18 03:11:49 Pre-allocating up to position 0x1000000 in blk00962.dat
            2017-08-18 03:11:51 Pre-allocating up to position 0x2000000 in blk00962.dat
            2017-08-18 03:11:52 Pre-allocating up to position 0x3000000 in blk00962.dat
            2017-08-18 03:11:54 Pre-allocating up to position 0x4000000 in blk00962.dat
            2017-08-18 03:11:55 Loaded 479900 blocks from external file in 15318201ms

            The import above was running on a Linux VPS downloading and decompressing the bootstrap.dat on the fly using system pipes.
            I was using the following commands

            mkfifo bootstrap.dat
            chown [bitcoind-userid]:[bitcoind-group] bootstrap.dat
            wget -O - http://[download-url]/bootstrap.dat.xz 2>/dev/null | /my-path-to/xz-5.2.3/src/xz/xz -d -c > bootstrap.dat 2>/dev/null &
            --> start bitcoind

            I recommend to delete the (renamed) bootstrap.dat.old fifo file after successful import.

            The combination above is very neat firing up a cheap vps (or docker container) with bitcoind running in pruned blockchain mode needing limited disk space only (my recommended minimum: 10gb).

    1. flo Post author

      getbitcoinblockchain dot com offers to download a copy of the whole bitcoin data blockchain directories (only). I do not recommend to use a foreign dump of these files, because it’s missing every verification process and it includes database junk data.
      Importing the blockchain from a serialized bootstrap.dat files offers you the advantage to start with a clean and verified local blockchain copy.

      1. mario

        question: after bootstrap.dat become renamed .old, can I shut down and restart the wallet?
        I ask you this because the PC is very slow even if CPU and RAM are not so used

        1. flo Post author

          Yes, if the import succeeded and your Bitcoin wallet is up to date you no longer need the bootstrap.dat.old file (and the compressed download file). You can delete the files.

          1. mario

            my question is intended if it’s ok shut down and restart wallet (of course after bootstrap has been renamed old), because I noticed that first couple of hours PC is ok, after becomes slow…so I’d prefer shut down the wallet and restart many times instead of leaving it many hours running
            I hope to have been clear to explain
            thank you

          2. flo Post author

            opening “Help” -> “Debug window”.
            What’s the current status of “Block chain”
            “Current number of blocks” and “Last block time”?
            These number should be greater than (or equal to) 485,762 and So. Sep. 17 18:44:58 2017.
            If that’s not the case it’s normal that your client is running on high ressource demand because it’s still syncing the blockchain.

          3. mario

            current number of blocks: 418031
            last block time: 26th june 2016
            STARTUP TIME: 14 september 2017 (continuous, still running) =>resources: ALWAYS 10% of less of processor used so 90%+ available , 3Gb ram free and available, BUT BUT BUT it’s terribly slow the same and I don’t know why

            so i repeat the question in another way and i hope for last time: if I shut down /turn off the wallet NOW and I restart it, does it restart from the beginning or from the last damned 20Mb about index?? or should I destroy PC let it running until xmas?

          4. flo Post author

            last block time: 26h june 2016 means that your Bitcoin client is still doing some resync work on old blockchain data.

            Did you import the bootstrap.dat file using this option?
            Imports blocks from external blk000??.dat file on startup

  43. flo Post author

    blockchain date and download url has been updated, today.
    I’ve send you an email with the new download URL. Thanks for your donation!

    1. flo Post author

      Sorry, short maintenance of the web service for a few minutes. Please retry.
      Hint: I’m just preparing the newest blockchain bootstrap.dat for download.

    1. flo Post author

      thanks for your donation. I’ve send you an email with the download details already.
      What error message did you got after donation? Do you use any ad-blocker or script-blocker?

  44. Nikita

    I have a scientific interest in the data bitcoin blockchain contains, like how much addresses are used routinely, how much are not, how large daily volume of transactions is and so on.
    Question: is bootstrap.dat what I need? how is the data (input/output amounts, adressess) kept in it (encoded?
    encrypted?) if the bootstrap.dat is not what I need how can I get the proper dataset (can I?)?

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Nikita,
      the bootstrap.dat file contains the serialized blockchain of Bitcoin.
      So basically it’s like running getblock [blkhash] block-by-block.
      What tools are you using for your scientific work to analyze the blockchain data of Bitcoin?
      Hopefully you are aware that you need to scope with a large amount of data running analysis on Bitcoin blockchain data.

    1. flo Post author

      Hint: this download is not related to this site so please take care about usage without blockchain verification!

  45. furcifer

    Hi flo,

    would it be possible to donate via paypal?
    Reason being that I do not own a credit card.
    BC will only be possible after a resync which of course… you know 😉

    1. flo Post author

      Hi furcifer,
      thanks for your feedback: I’ll take an eye on this useful feature request on my upcoming website maintenance. 🙂

  46. Sam

    I have .07 bitcoin
    And bitcoin core downloads for almost 2 days now !
    I want to donate but i can not send any bitcoin until syc finishes !!!
    Can u please send me link i will donate when i get my bitcoins. I hope.

  47. jreeves

    I paid for the bootstrap download and the download never finished and will not resume. It is at 18.8gb and it will no longer resume and I cannot re-download without paying again

    1. flo Post author

      Thanks for your donation. I’ve send you an email with the download details, so you can resume the download anytime you like.

  48. Krause

    I tried to donate 0,50$ but I got this error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Stripe\Error\InvalidRequest’ with message ‘Amount must convert to at least 50 cents. $0.50 converts to approximately €0.43.’ in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-pay-pro-for-stripe/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php:110 from API request ‘req_9UPjwZGqKYxzyo’ Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-pay-pro-for-stripe/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php(275): Stripe\ApiRequestor->handleApiError(‘{\n “error”: {\n…’, 400, Array, Array) #1 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-pay-pro-for-stripe/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php(65): Stripe\ApiRequestor->_interpretResponse(‘{\n “error”: {\n…’, 400, Array) #2 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-pay-pro-for-stripe/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiResource.php(120): Stripe\ApiRequestor->request(‘post’, ‘/v1/charges’, Array, Array) #3 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-pay-pro-for-stripe/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiResource.php(159): Stripe\ApiResource::_stat in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simple-pay-pro-for-stripe/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php on line 110

    Did my card get charged now? How do I download the file?

    1. flo Post author

      That’s because of the basic CC fees. Donations using less than 1$ usually fail; donating 1$ is like feeding the CC companies only 😉

        1. flo Post author

          It didn’t work, otherwise I would have received an email with your donation amount. Did you try to donate less than 1$?

    1. flo Post author

      Most failed cc donations are caused by donating an amount less than the cc fees of your cc. And these basis transaction fees are mostly higher than you expect them to be…
      Thanks for your donation!

      1. Mikhail

        debit card, there was turn on 3d secure, but i didn’t enter sms code. i guess charge was’t. Can donate in paypal?

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Edward,
      I did not receive any donation from you on Thursday. In most cases CC payments fail if the donation amount is below your CC transaction fee.

    1. flo Post author

      What’s going wrong for you? Paypal seems to work fine here 🙂
      Did you try another donation method? Failed payments are mostly due to donation amounts below the payment fees; sometimes due to blocking abuse security algorithms.

  49. chris

    Hello, not sure if this is where I should ask, but I donated to download bootstrap.dat and copied the link so I could download at my university library (better connection).

    I tired a few times and would get to about 10% when the download would drop to 0mbps.

    I checked with IT and we are not throttled and are on an R1 direct line so it’s not on on our end. Is there an IP restriction when donating? I’m happy donate again if that’s the case…

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Chris,

      thanks for your donation and feedback.
      No, at the moment there is no IP or other access restriction active on the download server. I have send you an e-mail with additional information. I’m unable to reproduce this throttle effect. Please give me some more feedback to be able to debug the issue…

  50. Bart

    donated with paypall, got an error saying link can not be trusted or something like that.
    cant try again without donating again 🙁

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Bart,
      thanks for your donation. I have send you an email with the download details.
      Can you please share which security product blocked the download (or the download webpage)?
      The Bitcoin blockchain contains some known virus signatures but this information does not cause harm to any Bitcoin client, i.e.

      To be able to debug this issue: What’s your OS, Browser, AntiVirus, other AddOns/Plugins causing the blockage.

    1. flo Post author

      what no money related Bitcoin project do you like to push using the latest serialized bootstrap file?

  51. botolo

    Hi, thanks for this service. I have donated today (few hours ago) but then closed by mistake the page. Any way I can get my personal link back?

  52. Felip

    Hi. I have donated money to download the file. When unzipping with 7-zip, I can read error file corrupt 2 errors, in addition when decompressing only occupies 3.3 GB, not 180 GB. Is it normal? If I have to download again, do I have to donate again? Urgent Thank you. (I have windows view)

    1. flo Post author

      Hi Felip,
      thanks for your donation! Did you check the file signature after download. I guess your downloaded file is incomplete or corrupted. I’ve send you an email with the direct download link.
      Let me know if you need any further help. 🙂

    1. flo Post author

      I recommend about 300GB free disk space for import using these steps

    2. Download compressed bootstrap file
    3. Decompress downloaded bootstrap file
    4. Backup and delete compressed bootstrap file
    5. Import decompressed bootstrap file into your Bitcoin client
    6. Hint: To archieve perfect import performance I recommend to decompress the bootstrap file to an external drive, i.e. an USB3 harddisk and to use this external file for import.

      1. PizDat

        How do you import witht the Windows client? Otherwise, what folder do I place the bootstrap file into? I don’t have my bitcoin client on the C: drive, its on a different drive, E:\Bitcoin with the following folders: Blocks, Chainstate, Daemon and Docs. Thanks.

        1. flo Post author

          Hey PizDat,

          do you have the complete installation of BitcoinCore located under E:\Bitcoin ? i.e. E:\Bitcoin\Bitcoin-Qt.exe ?
          What’s your current location of the downloaded bootstrap.dat file? Did you already decompress it?

  53. Pingback: canadian p. o.

    1. flo Post author

      Double spending only works if the payment API does not wait until the payment has been mined into the blockchain.
      Usually, that’s the case for micro-payments.

      Offering a service to fool third-party trusting into unconfirmed transactions for micro-payments is no noble contribution to the community; it’s a shame and would be considered as an illegal activity in my country.

  54. btcgripe

    pls, upload only this file?
    Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch: .bitcoin/indexes/txindex/201035.ldb
    EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error
    error only 30 000 blocks to end syncing 🙁

    1. flo Post author

      Hi btcgripe, I guess it won’t help you to copy this file from another client, because every client is maintaining its own database. Did you try to re-import the serialized bootstrap?

  55. Stefan

    It’s unbelievable that Bitcoin Core takes so long to sync but I’m happy that there are people who offer an alternative. I am very happy to donate something as soon as I get my bitcoins back.

  56. Алексей

    Ну и. чо за шляпа? при распаковке выдает что архив битый, архиваторы последние в чем шляпа?

    1. flo Post author

      Какой архиватор вы используете? Попробуйте 7zip и перепроверьте контрольные суммы после загрузки, чтобы убедиться, что у вас есть неизмененная локальная копия загрузки цепочки блоков.

  57. jsdhkahhao

    was at 80 percent and you have suddenly deleted the bootstrap.dat zip-file – what a pity !!!
    When will the current one be ready?

  58. Byron

    I am mining using this script I created

    ccminer.exe -a blake2s -i 19 -o stratum+tcp:// -u . -p c=BCH


    I’m Getting this in ccminer

    [2021-06-16 23:25:19] accepted: 396/396 (diff 1.230), 167.27 MH/s yes!
    [2021-06-16 23:25:27] GPU #0: GeForce GT 730, 108.15 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:25:27] accepted: 397/397 (diff 1.889), 167.26 MH/s yes!
    [2021-06-16 23:25:48] GPU #0: GeForce GT 730, 108.29 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:25:53] GPU #1: ASUS GT 710, 55.26 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:25:54] blake2s block 5056964, diff 82262618.908
    [2021-06-16 23:26:14] GPU #0: GeForce GT 730, 108.30 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:26:32] GPU #1: ASUS GT 710, 56.22 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:26:34] GPU #0: GeForce GT 730, 107.29 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:26:35] accepted: 398/398 (diff 2.027), 166.99 MH/s yes!
    [2021-06-16 23:26:54] GPU #0: GeForce GT 730, 108.80 MH/s
    [2021-06-16 23:27:07] blake2s block 5056965, diff 66762226.467
    [2021-06-16 23:27:27] GPU #0: GeForce GT 730, 108.98 MH/s

    Am I mining anything or just wasting time?
    I did fill in my address and username with my own information

  59. Kewin

    Hello, thx . But is not ok :s

    My raspbery pi 3 work whith NAS, dans the folder ~/.bitcoin is too small…

    I tried in the “datadir” directory but bitcoincore downloaded from zero …
    I tried in “folder / blocks” but the same …

    same results with Windows…

    Thx for your help (by mail ?)

    1. flo Post author

      Import can only work, if you have plenty additional disk space available. Please check the requirements.
      Hint: Downloading the serialised blockchain to an external media may help to preserve required disk space to be able to load and process the import task(s).

      1. Cool Guy

        How much disk space do I need on my internal drive? I have over 480 GB on an external, but only 90 GB free on my internal. My internal is only 250 GB total. I’m running on a Mac and encountering the same issue. Part of me is thinking of installing a fresh copy on my external, but I feel that’d take too much effort for something I have no guarantee of knowing it’ll work.

        At this point, I’m just going to let the Blockchain sync from scratch. Shouldn’t take much more than 5 days with my connection. Though it would have been nice if I had gotten this working.

        1. flo Post author


          with only 250GB total on your internal drive I recommend you to run prune mode on your local blockchain not needing a full copy of the Bitcoin blockchain.

          On my MacBook I am currently fine with these settings:
          cat ~/Library/Application\ Support/Bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

          Alternatively you can export your ~/Library/Application\ Support/Bitcoin directory to an external drive having 500 GB++ storage available using a standard Link (ln command) but in this case you can only use your local Bitcoin-Qt client while having attached the external drive.

  60. Tebogo

    I stored my bitcoins on paper wallet (Offline) years ago and since my computer was stolen i need to download the entire blockchain to recover financially. I am unable to donate at the moment.

    1. flo Post author

      Tebogo, your case is a great example why it is important to always have a reliable backup. Lucky guy 🙂

      Hint: Did you already try to import your paper wallet into a mobile phone blockchain application, like BRD?

    1. flo Post author

      Unable to find a transaction matching your contact details. Please provide payment reference information using the feedback button for further processing.

  61. andrewp

    You should consider making this into a bittorrent and more of a community thing instead of an individual needing to ask for donations, although, I suppose torrents should be associated with a torrent-coin. Also needed for monero, litecoin, bitcoin 2, and…..

    1. flo Post author

      Tried this out already, but due to the lack of community support it did not succeed. Thanks for your hint about Monero and other popular Altcoins. Will have to automatize the tasks needed to generate the download(s) to get this working.

    1. flo Post author

      Thanks for your hint, Nunzio. Seems the Bitcoin API provider has gone out of service. Will take care of it.

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