Bitcoin-Qt OS X v0.11.2

Bitcoin-Qt OS X v0.11.2

I’ve compiled the Bitcoin-Qt git sources of release v0.11.2 (Nov. 12, 2015) for Mac OS X (10.11.x) with Qt5.4.2:

Download URL:
MD5 (Bitcoin-Qt.dmg) = 7ff93636ed2d163241c028aed17785c8

You may also load my Bitcoin-Qt bootstrap.dat to speed up the first time installation (synchronization with the bitcoin blockchain).

Be aware that Bitcoin-Qt needs a lot of disk space to store the blockchain; currently on my notebook:

$ du -sh ~/Library/Application\ Support/Bitcoin
54G ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin

If everything works fine for you, please donate bitcoin to keep this service alive – Thank you!


bitcoin donation qr-codeor using Bitcoin: 1beerEeYhbBb6uosEe2vcoWW7noqff4vh

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  1. flo Post author

    Please let me know if there is any demand for a precompiled Bitcoin-Qt release for Windows for the latest releases, tagged and published on GitHub…

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